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Bitmapbmp comparing_old_with_new_schedule_graphs.bmp r2 r1 manage 60.2 K 2011-01-13 - 03:50 AmeliaWhite Graphs comparing predicted patient numbers between new and old rosters
JPEGjpg comparing_old_with_new_schedule_graphs.JPG r1 manage 60.2 K 2011-01-13 - 21:11 AmeliaWhite JPEG comparing predicted numbers of patients for current and developed schedule
PNGpng current_scedule_predicted_nums.png r2 r1 manage 90.4 K 2010-12-15 - 04:47 AmeliaWhite 3 weeks of current roster using 28 patient admitted per day and 1/3 discharged per day. Weekend loading is not quite correct
PDFpdf data_analysis.pdf r3 r2 r1 manage 477.9 K 2011-01-21 - 01:18 AmeliaWhite Compares patient numbers for previous roster and generated roster with historical data
Bitmapbmp example_roster.bmp r1 manage 736.3 K 2010-12-14 - 00:29 AmeliaWhite First rortating roster developed
PNGpng max_35_nor_more_than_2_long.png r1 manage 142.1 K 2011-01-12 - 22:32 AmeliaWhite Predicted patient numbers with no more than 2 long shifts in a 7 day period. Maximum number of patients = 35
PNGpng patient_loading.png r2 r1 manage 88.4 K 2010-12-15 - 04:47 AmeliaWhite Example patient loading based on rotating roster developed. 28 patients admitted per day and 1/3 discharged
Texttxt r1 manage 11.1 K 2011-01-13 - 22:09 AmeliaWhite Uploaded before significant changes made
Bitmapbmp roster_max_35.bmp r1 manage 1679.1 K 2011-01-12 - 22:37 AmeliaWhite Roster created by maximum of 35 patients and no more than 2 long shifts in a 7 day period
Texttxt r1 manage 6.9 K 2010-12-12 - 20:54 AmeliaWhite latest update with nice comments and displaying schedule in correct order
Texttxt r1 manage 7.6 K 2011-01-13 - 22:08 AmeliaWhite Python file for producing roster. I uploaded this before making quite a few changes for looking at analyzing the data from ADHB
Texttxt roster_solution_rotate.txt r1 manage 0.7 K 2010-12-06 - 01:48 AmeliaWhite Initial model formulation which generates one roster which is then rotated through the registrars
Texttxt r1 manage 4.7 K 2010-12-06 - 01:47 AmeliaWhite Initial model formulation which generates a full roster
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxlsx Shedule.xlsx r1 manage 26.8 K 2010-12-06 - 01:46 AmeliaWhite Example schedule handed to ADHB as example of initial model implementation
HTMLhtml solution_table_rotate_full.html r1 manage 22.4 K 2011-01-26 - 22:18 AmeliaWhite Roster Generated from Minimizing the gap between max and min patients

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