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Appendix A: TWiki Development Time-line


TWiki Release 6.1 (Kampala) released on 2018-07-16

New Features and Enhancements of TWiki Release 6.1

  • Usability Enhancements
    • New HIDEINPRINT variable to hide some topic from printing
    • New attachment parameter for INCLUDE variable to include an attachment
    • Expand $name token in links [[WebName.TopicName][$name]] and [[%ATTACHURL%/filename.ext][$name]]
    • New exclude parameter for WEBLIST variable
    • Support for literal search for %SOME% variable, such as %BR%

  • TWiki Application Platform Enhancements
    • New FORM and EDITFORM variables
    • The WEB variable now has the nameless parameter to specify output format with tokens $top(n), $last(n), $item(n), $list, $size
    • The EDITFORMFIELD variable supports textarea type
    • Link [[TopicName?param=value][label]] becomes a parameterized link to the topic view URL
    • Variables in VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE are expanded
    • The redirectto URL parameter for the save script may contain $web and $topic tokens

  • Security Enhancements
    • Log-in with two-step authentication
    • A number of enhancements to guard against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Code Injection attacks
    • New mode="search" encoding in ENCODE and URLPARAM
    • Do anti-spam e-mail padding only for unauthenticated guests
    • Predefined variables can no longer be redefined with preferences settings

  • Extensions Enhancements
    • Add new TWikiSheetPlugin to TWiki core distribution, allowing simultaneous editing of spreadsheets
    • TinyMCEPlugin: Document how to add custom toolbar button to TinyMCE editor

  • Miscellaneous Feature Enhancements
    • The configure script can now run under the PSGI engine
    • User preferences can be demoted under web preferences (site-wide configuration); specific user preferences can be denied and allowed
    • 8 new TWikiDocGraphics icons: Car car, Desk desk, Add milestone milestone-add, Program program, Add program program-add, Add project project-add, Refresh refresh, Sprint sprint; 1 updated icon: Project project
    • The HTML title shows the more descriptive TOPICTITLE instead of just TOPIC

  • Bug Fixes
    • 59 bugs fixed in TWiki-6.1.0

See the full list of new features and bug fixes in TWikiReleaseNotes06x01.

Hall of Fame of TWiki Release 6.1

Many people have been involved in creating TWiki 6.1. Special thanks go to the most active contributors in the following areas:

If you find an omission please fix it at TWiki:TWiki.TWikiHistory. For the full list of contributors see TWikiContributor.

See more details on the TWiki 6.1 release at TWikiReleaseNotes06x01.


TWiki Release 6.0 (Jerusalem) released on 2013-10-14 — 2015-11-29

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