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This web is for learning Operations Research (OR). In this web we emphasise the mathematical models, usually referred to as formulations, used in OR.

??? I think you need to explain how the site will be used. "You will be able to navigate around the site to read up on various case studies or try solving some of these real world problems yourself." You go on to explain what they will find here but not so much how it's going to be fun and useful for them - Lauren ???

You will find introductory pages on a number of OR topics. Each page will contain an introduction to the topic and links to case studies from that topic. There may also be links to further subtopics with their own case studies.

The case studies will contain problem descriptions, formulations, computational models, results and conclusions. Some case studies may also contain an Extra For Experts section ??? typo here - should it be "for" - Lauren of experienced OR practitioners. Other case studies may have a Student Tasks section that provides possible tasks to aid student learning.

Your access to various topics within this web is controlled by the group (MaintenanceGroup, ContributorGroup, TeacherGroup, StudentGroup) you belong to. Please see the Main Web for more details.

Using this Web

We recommend you first read about our OR methodology (Read me first!)

Once you are comfortable with the OR methodology, you can get started learning about different OR topics:

You may also like to explore some of the different OR software packages available:

  • AMPL (Mathematical Programming)
  • Bcp (Integer Programming)
  • Arena (Simulation)

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