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Low graphic modes error

Some of VMs show this error after restarting to solving that do following line:

  1. Use Alt+F1 and go to terminal
  2. sudo apt-get install gdm
  3. In "Package Configuration" then use the arrow-keys to select gdm instead of lightdm, press Tab to move to OK, and press Enter.
  4. sudo reboot

EventDetail failed in CloudSuite benchmark

Do following steps on the Frontend and Web server as root:

  1. mkdir /tmp/http_sessions
  2. chmod 777 /tmp/http_sessions Then on the Client:
  3. $FABAN_HOME/master/bin/startup.sh
  4. Open the benchmark web page at https://cs-web-client-x64:9980
  5. Copy the faban directory ($FABAN_HOME) to the App (frontend), Backend (backend), and Web (webonly) machines. Faban directories must be in the same path on every machine
  6. Run test on the benchmark web page

Increasing number of concurrent users

For increase number of concurrent users to 1000 In the Backend:

  1. cd $FABAN_HOME/benchmarks/OlioDriver/bin
  2. chmod +x dbloader.sh
  3. ./dbloader.sh 1000

Because we used cloudsuite.patch in filestore in Frontend there is no need to increase number of filestore otherwise :

  1. $FABAN_HOME/benchmarks/OlioDriver/bin/fileloader.sh 1000 $FILESTORE

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