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META TOPICPARENT name="TWikiVariables"

WEB -- name of current web

  • %WEB% expands to the name of the web where the topic is located. If you are looking at the text of an included topic, it is the web where the included topic is located.
  • Syntax: %WEB%, expands to: TWiki
  • Syntax: %WEB{format="..."}%
  • Syntax: %WEB{"..."}% or %WEB{format="..."}%
  • Supported parameter:
Parameter: Description: Default:
format="..." Format, may include tokens $web (the full web path), $parents (parent webs, if any), $current (current web without parent webs), $top (top-level web with any subwebs removed) "$web"
  • Example, assuming %WEB% is Engineering/TechPubs/Apps:
    %WEB{format="Parent webs: $parents, current web: $current, top-level web: $top"}% returns: Parent webs: Engineering/TechPubs, current web: Apps, top-level web: Engineering
Parameter: Description: Example: Default:
"..." or
Format of web name. Supported tokens:
$web - the full web path,
$parents - parent webs, if any,
$current - current web without parent webs,
$last(n) - last n webs, including current one,
$top - top-level web only,
$top(n) - n top-level webs,
$item(n) - the n-th web from top
$list - comma-space delimited list of webs
$size - array size of webs
Bugs for $current
Apps/Bugs for $last(2)
Engineering for $top
Engineering/TechPubs for $top(2)
TechPubs for $item(2)
Engineering, TechPubs, Apps, Bugs
4 for $size
  • Example, assuming %WEB% is Engineering/TechPubs/Apps/Bugs:
    %WEB{"Parent webs: $parents, current web: $current, top-level web: $top"}% returns:
    Parent webs: Engineering/TechPubs/Apps, current web: Bugs, top-level web: Engineering
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