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What is a Management Summary?

Wikitionary defines management as

administration; the process or practice of managing.

and a summary as

concise, brief or presented in a condensed form.

so a management summary is a brief description of an Operations Research problem, solution, analysis and conclusions to assist in the process of managing the system being considered.

Management summaries should contain the following information:

  1. Problem summary, brief problem description, this can refer to more detailed sources if necessary;
  2. Solution approach, brief description of the approach taken to solve the problem;
  3. Results and analysis, brief presentation of the important results and any required or interesting analysis;
  4. Conclusions and recommendations, brief description of any conclusions that may be drawn from the results and any recommendations for management.
Note All tables and figures must have labels and captions, e.g., Figure 1 The American Steel Network, and must be referred to correctly, e.g., The American Steel network shown in Figure 1...

Here are some sample management summaries:

  -- MichaelOSullivan - 02 Mar 2008
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