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Editing Process Modules

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  You must also define several other properties of the Process module. The Delay Type refers to which distribution is to be used to delay a resource and you can select from five different distributions. Mimimum, Maximum and Most Likely values must also be defined for the distrubtion and the units must be specified. You must also define the Allocation for the distribution (See Arena help for more details).
Below is an example of a Process Module from the case study: Buffereing Data for a Link.
Below is an example of a Process Module from the case study: Buffering Data for a Link. * Cutting Stock Problems
  The Name has beeen defined and the user has selected the type of Action to be taken in the Logic area to be Seize Delay Release. This means that the data will seize the link (so it can be transmitted), there will be a delay while the data is using the link and then the link will be released for other data to use it.
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