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META TOPICPARENT name="CloudSuite"
-- HamidMoghaddam - 18 May 2016
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  1. docker run -d --name swarm-agent swarm join --advertise= :2375 consul:// (again CloudSuite team writed this line wrongly. Now I am not surprised why CloudSuite is such a confusing software)
  2. repeat step 2,3,4,6,7,9 on every VMs but just in step 9 replace --advertise IP address with each VM IP address.
  3. docker -H tcp:// network create --driver overlay swarm-network


I did following steps on frontend machine(Please check swarm-agent is running: docker start 'swarm-agent')

1. docker pull cloudsuite/web-serving:web_server

2. docker -H tcp:// run -dt --name=web_server cloudsuite/web-serving:web_server /etc/bootstrap.sh

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