Difference: CloudSuiteStartingUp (2 vs. 3)

Revision 32016-05-12 - HamidMoghaddam

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META TOPICPARENT name="CloudSuite"
-- HamidMoghaddam - 11 May 2016

Low graphic modes error

Line: 30 to 30

Login Error

  1. I moved http_sessions from /tmp to /home/mike/httpsessions in Frontend because it was deleted with Frontend reboot .
  1. chmod +x $FABAN_HOME/benchmarks/OlioDriver/bin/fileloader.sh (This step is very important otherwise all subfolders access of http_sessions will be as root and error will not solve)
  1. chomd 777 /home/mike/httpsessions/http_sessions
  2. Deleted some files form Frontend in order to make some disk space( because we have snapshot of it, it is not possible to increase its disk space in vSphere. Maybe we should boot it from a live disk and increase its disk space)
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