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  makecephconfig is a simple script allowing you to create the ceph.conf in a way easy to test multiple hosts and OSDs.
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  Notice the order, it will always start osd.0 with ss1, after it reaches the osd.5 (6 osds), it will be ss2.


start and init example is included.

Create a new script accepting an argument, e.g.,

run ss 2 6
function run1() {
   echo "makecephconfig: $1"    
   ./makecephconfig $1
   echo "init: $1"
   ./init $1
   echo "start: $1 "full"
   ./start $1 "full"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="makecephconfig" attr="" comment="" date="1315880758" name="makecephconfig" path="makecephconfig" size="712" stream="makecephconfig" tmpFilename="" user="DongJinLee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ceph.ss" attr="" comment="" date="1315880771" name="ceph.ss" path="ceph.ss" size="870" stream="ceph.ss" tmpFilename="" user="DongJinLee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="init1" attr="" comment="" date="1315909734" name="init1" path="init1" size="2523" stream="init1" tmpFilename="" user="DongJinLee" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="start1" attr="" comment="" date="1315909745" name="start1" path="start1" size="1458" stream="start1" tmpFilename="" user="DongJinLee" version="1"
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