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Welcome to the Main web

Congratulations, you have finished installing TWiki.

Welcome to the Main web

This TWiki site is currently being used by the Department of Engineering Science (University of Auckland, New Zealand) to teach Operations Research via the OpsRes Web.

In the future we hope other Engineering Science disciplines will join us on this TWiki!

Using this TWiki

There are 4 main groups of users defined for this TWiki:

1. Maintenance - these users (MaintenanceGroup) will maintain this TWiki, changing topics, webs, etc;

2. Contributors - these users (ContributorGroup) will contribute material to this TWiki via specific forms, e.g., SubmitCaseStudy in the OpsRes Web;

3. Teachers - these users (TeacherGroup) will use this TWiki to teach students about Engineering Science;

4. Students - these users (StudentGroup) will use this TWiki to learn about Engineering Science.

Note that the access of these groups are "nested". A member of the TeacherGroup will have the same rights as a member of the StudentGroup with some extensions, a member of the ContributorGroup will have the same rights as a member of the TeacherGroup with some extensions, etc.

Initially access to this TWiki is restricted, so if you would like access to our TWiki please email Mike O'Sullivan (michael.osullivan at auckland.ac.nz) and let him know which type of user you would like be on our TWiki.

TWiki Info

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