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TWiki's Forum web https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum The Forum web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2023 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [michael.osullivan@auckland.ac.nz] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).Forum https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif ForumAMPL0002 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumAMPL0002 When using AMPL to model Herd Feeding Problem you can `copy and paste` much of the model from Whiskas Cat Food Problem. However, there are both `absolute` constraints... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2023-08-21T09:01:34Z guest ForumOpsRes0005 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes0005 If I use starting values for a, b and c, how will I know that the solution is a global optimum? TWikiGuest 29 Mar 2008 You won`t without doing a good investigation... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2019-06-07T01:28:11Z guest ForumOpsRes0006 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes0006 How do we check whether an element is within the CONVERSIONS set? For example, we have a material `n` and a material `m`, how do we check whether this combination... (last changed by MichaelOSullivan) 2008-04-08T05:01:29Z MichaelOSullivan ForumSandbox0002 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumSandbox0002 This topic has been moved to the OpsRes Discussion Forum TWikiAdminGroup 25 Mar 2008 (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-25T09:13:11Z admin ForumOpsRes0004 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes0004 Just wondering if I got the gist of the expert problem. We are going to keep prices fixed at the optimal solution produced by the non linear solution? If this is... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-25T09:05:26Z admin ForumOpsRes0002 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes0002 When solving problems and quoting solutions, the accuracy of your solutions is really only as good as the accuracy of your problem data. Hence, if you have problem... (last changed by MichaelOSullivan) 2008-03-19T23:52:59Z MichaelOSullivan ForumAMPL0001 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumAMPL0001 Welcome to the AMPL language. This forum is for questions, discussions, etc about the AMPL language as it is used on this TWIki or elsewhere. Enjoy! TWikiAdminGroup... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T22:43:45Z admin ForumAMPL https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumAMPL TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny 28 Jul 2007 (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T22:42:41Z admin WebHome https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/WebHome Welcome to the 1 web Getting Started Please feel free to participate in our discussion forums for topic on this TWiki. You can add comments using your login or... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T22:41:41Z admin ForumOpsRes https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny 28 Jul 2007 (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T22:36:16Z admin ForumOpsRes0001 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumOpsRes0001 Welcome to the Web, we hope you find it both useful and informative. If you have any questions or comments about the Web, please feel free to add them here. Enjoy... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T22:34:59Z admin ForumSandbox0001 https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/ForumSandbox0001 My very first post RodBeckstrom 30 Jul 2007 hello world PeterThoeny 28 Sep 2007 sfsfsfsfsf TWikiGuest 17 Mar 2008 aadadadadad TWikiGuest 17 Mar... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2008-03-17T22:27:05Z guest WebPreferences https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/WebPreferences Forum Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Forum web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2008-03-17T20:32:02Z admin DiscussionForumBody https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/DiscussionForumBody Discussion Forum Body The part between the horizontal rules gets included by each discussion forum of the DiscussionForum Discussion Forum #187; topics Last... (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2007-10-19T08:00:13Z unknown WebLeftBar https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/WebLeftBar 1 Web Index Search Changes RSS Feed Notifications Statistics Preferences (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2007-07-29T02:16:50Z unknown DiscussionForum https://twiki.esc.auckland.ac.nz/do/view/Forum/DiscussionForum Discussion Forums Forum Topics Last post Recently Updated Topics Topic Last post Note: This Discussion Forum TWiki Application is... (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2007-07-28T22:30:59Z unknown
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