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Data Fitting Problem

If I use starting values for a, b and c, how will I know that the solution is a global optimum?

-- TWikiGuest - 29 Mar 2008

You won't without doing a good investigation of the objective function. However, you should try several different starting points too see if you come up with different local minima.

-- MichaelOSullivan - 30 Mar 2008

For some of the model functions you will need to add constraints to make sure that the solutions stay feasible, e.g., $x - b \geq 0$ (or some small value such as $1^{-10}$).

-- MichaelOSullivan - 30 Mar 2008

How do we evaluate a function in AMPL, for the objective function?

-- TWikiGuest - 31 Mar 2008

-- MichaelOSullivan - 01 Apr 2008


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